We value our suppliers and contractors and recognise their essential role in our operations' success.

At MUMI, we adhere to responsible sourcing practices aimed at creating long-term value and opportunities for our stakeholders.  

We only work with suppliers and contractors that meet our stringent social, ethical and environmental standards. 

We expect all suppliers to demonstrate strong ethical principles and comply with Glencore’s Supplier Code of Conduct as well as site-specific requirements.

Supplier portal

Public tenders will be published on this page. Please follow the instructions outlined for the individual tender to register your interest. 

  1. Please express your interest by confirming your participation (please specify the title of the Project) and sending your Company Profile to: Mumi.Tender@mutandamining.com 
  2. Only suppliers who have confirmed their participation within the deadline will be contacted by Mutanda Mining's contract team for the field visit and other formalities. 
  3. All companies that do not confirm their participation according to the requested standards will not be considered.